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Experiencing a fire to your home or other property can be devastating. Property owners are forced to make important decisions in areas with which they are unfamiliar and inexperienced. After the initial shock passes, the most important question becomes: “How best to protect my family and property investment?

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As a property owner, you have an extremely important choice that will have long-term consequences. The options are:

1. “Should I allow the adjuster hired by my insurance company to adjust and determine values and loss amounts I have suffered to my property solely on the basis of his or her interpretation of the fire loss facts and policy language without independent professional negotiation?”

2. “Should I hire a licensed, trained professional who will independently and aggressively represent my interests throughout the entire adjustment process, and who will present restoration and repair solutions based upon what is best for me and my family?”

Experience and statistics show that option 2 is the best choice because it uses the “check and balance” system endorsed by the Illinois Department of Insurance.

Consider this: Your insurance company hires a professional adjuster to represent its interests in your fire loss. You also need and deserve a professional adjuster to represent your interests. This check and balance system is the only way to assure a fair and equitable settlement for all parties concerned.

Adjusting Services

The insurance company has experts working on their behalf, why shouldn’t you?

What you need is a local public adjuster who works solely for you, not the insurance company. We represent you in order to make sure you are properly paid for your claim. M&M LLC is the “check and balance” organization necessary to assist in the entire claim process.

We work directly with the insurance company on your behalf in a professional and timely manner. The essence of an insurance policy is to “indemnify” the insured, or to make whole again. This is our specialty.

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Residential and Commercial

We adjust all forms of insurance loss.  Both residential and commercial property, personal property and Business personal property.  Fire, water damage, theft and vandalism, car into structure and weather damage. This includes a complete and thorough property damage assessment and personal and business property evaluation and documentation.

fire-damage-insurance-adjusting-services services

Fire Damage

A fire is a traumatic event that unfortunately may take place. It is a very in-depth process, and it is our job to help. We assist in temporary housing, damage assessment, personal property documentation, business interruption, loss of rental income and property restoration.

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water-damage-insurance-adjusting-services services

Water Damage

Compared to fire damage, water damage can be the most difficult to detect. One small area indicating water damage may actually be more extensive than it appears to the eye.  It may result from storm damage, pipe breaks, sewer backup or sump pump failure. 

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weather-damage-insurance-adjusting-services services

Weather Damage

Thousands of homes and businesses are damaged on a yearly basis due to wind and weather damage such as hurricanes, tornadoes, windstorms, hailstorms, etc. If those damages are not taken care of immediately, they can only make matters worse down the road. 

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theft-vandalism-damage-insurance-adjusting-services services

Theft & Vandalism Damage

Residential or commercial, damage to your property due to vandalism or theft is a possibility. Broken windows, graffiti, theft and much more can happen at any time. We document the damage and stolen property to make sure the claim is handled properly.

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contents-evaluation-documentation services

Contents Evaluation & Documentation

Personal property evaluation and documentation and Business personal property evaluation documentation.

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business-interruption-loss services

Business Interruption Loss

We specialize in presenting to the insurance company any loss of income due to a catastrophic event. The process of documenting and submitting the details of your loss of income is very involved.

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relocation services


We provide a service that assists with residential temporary housing for residential or a commercial business in the event the property is not habitable.

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tax-and-demolition-document-processing services

Tax & Demolition Document Processing

Every Township, City and County in the State of Illinois will perform an inspection determining the cost to raze a building in the event the property owner chooses to forego the repair process.

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Remodeling projects such as kitchen, bathroom, flooring, painting, basement remodeling, roofing, patios and decks, etc.  We also specialize in all restoration projects.

We are a full service construction company that performs all remodeling and restoration services.  We handle all permitting regulations and all inspections necessary by the Village, Township and Cities.

All work performed will be in a contract form on an item by item basis. All work is under warranty.

kitchen-remodeling services

Kitchen Remodeling

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bathroom-remodeling services

Bathroom Remodeling

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basement-finishing-remodeling services

Basement Finishing & Remodeling

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reconstruction-and-remodeling services

Reconstruction & Remodeling

As many people anticipate, the adjustment and repair process that follows a fire is difficult and stressful. This is largely due to having to make adjustments without the proper training or knowledge. Our clients regain their normal lives more quickly and easily than those who “do it alone.”

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additions services


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commercial-remodeling services

Commercial Remodeling

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